The Importance Life Drawing- Life Drawing – when you hear these words do you think of a naked man stuck in the ‘thinker’ pose for the day? Well you would be mistaken.. Life Drawing teaches you how to see, how to draw what you see and how to develop your own style of drawing. During our current life drawing classes I have learned to observe and measure. Firstly I map out the body. This is the foundation of your […]
Artist of the Day- Mona Hatoum An artist that I find interesting and inspiring. Hatoum is known for her large scale installations in which she transforms familiar domestic objects such as furniture and kitchen utensils in to foreign objects, proving to create a sense of fear and the uncanny. This links back to Freud’s theory of ‘Das Unheimliche’ in which something familiar is made unfamiliar creating a sense of unease or threat. I enjoy how Hatoum uses mostly found […]
Time Flies- By dealing with memories and past experiences of home it got me thinking of all the time that has passed. So right now I am dealing with the aspect of time and trying to investigate different approaches to the subject. I heard the term ‘time flies’ which sparked an idea for me. I have made paper airplanes and plan to use them for different things to capture the essence of time. I plan to fly […]
Performance Workshop- I recently took part in a Performance Workshop through Crawford College of Art and Design, which was an amazing experience. What is performance art you might ask ? Performance art is art in which the artist uses their body as the medium, performing actions which become the artwork. Usually performance art is performed for a live audience, but performance art can be a medium for image-making, mark-making, and sculpture. Here are a few of my […]
Book-making- At the moment in studio, I am attempting to create a notebook from an envelope, found materials and my own drawings. I tore apart a cardboard box to draw on, and found some scrap black paper which I mounted the drawings on to. I folded an envelope and covered it with old wrapping paper.I plan on binding the book by sticking the pages together and sewing it to the cover.Book-making can be simple and cheap ! And a very effective way of exhibiting your sketches.
Tick Tock Tick Tock- Time. Time is a complex, wonderful thing which I have started to investigate in my own studio practice. At the moment I am interested in the wastefulness of time and time passing us by. The thought came to me while in studio – ‘Am I wasting my time?’ ‘Am I spending too much time on this?’ I realised that everything and nothing revolves around time. Time can be a tool or pass us right by. […]